APRIL 21, 2006

Pleasantly Tilted has moved!

I've moved to a new location and a brand new daily photoblog of the same name! Please update your links and be sure to visit sometime soon! :)

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MAY 12, 2005

Pretty in pink

Submission for this week's Thursday Challenge theme, flowers.

Tropical flower at Carmelia Havens, Thekkady, India, April 2005

Sorry, all, for the long break from posting. I've been traveling for the past month throughout southern India, keeping my camera very busy, indeed. I'll be posting more in the coming days.

This above picture was taken at a resort we were staying at while we were visiting nearby Thekkady. I was suffering from a sinus infection, so my energy levels were at a low, but I didn't let that stop me from taking the camera out for a photographic spin.

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MARCH 15, 2005

Feeling webby

(Canadian) Geese feet in Lost Lagoon, March 2005

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