MARCH 8, 2004

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Entrance to The Chief Mountain, Squamish BC, February 2004

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FEBRUARY 18, 2004

RIP 2001 - 2004

My passport, August 2003

It's amazing just how terrorizing a single 24-hour day can be.

I have lost my passport and with that also my mind. I have a very important appointment set with immigration tomorrow morning at 11:30 and it's mandatory that I bring my passport, but I cannot find it for the life of me. I have searched my home top to bottom and phoned all the places it could have been left, all efforts being fruitless. I am sure I will be forced to reschedule the appointment, delaying my permanent resident status until April or May, and in the meantime working to get a replacement passport. And this makes me a very unhappy expatriate.

Where are you, my little passport? Where could you be hiding from me?

UPDATE 2/19: I never found my passport, but I went to my interview as scheduled. Although they couldn't interview me until I had my passport, I got it all sorted out and it shouldn't be too difficult to reschedule the meeting upon getting another passport. :)

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FEBRUARY 1, 2004

Welcome to the club, M!

Hey y'all.

My good friend Matthew from the UK just started up his own photoblog last Thursday and I wanted to *plug* him a little. I for one think his photography is fabulous (not to mention taking trips to Netherlands & Scotland recently) and you should definitely go check him out and wish him a big hello!

Thanks :)

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