NOVEMBER 7, 2003

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Sunny day in Vancouver

Submission for this week's Photo Friday theme, downtown.

Looking down East Hastings

East Hastings, as seen from Howe. Vancouver, Canada is a very charming city. I highly recommend you visit it sometime. :)

Here is an area map, where you can see where I photographed the above shot from (as seen by the red dot).

filed in photo friday | by Christine at 12:14 AM on 2003-11-07
~I have been to Vancouver and really liked the city; great image/theme match~

Posted by btezra [www] on November 7, 2003 at 4:22 AM.
Ah, neighbor! :)

Everyone SHOULD visit. Hehe. I love this city. ;)

Posted by naughtical girl [www] on November 7, 2003 at 11:46 AM.
Before i say the city is nice , i have to say first that the PHOTO is GREAT amazing !! very nice photo Christine !!!!

Posted by Redouane on November 8, 2003 at 4:58 AM.
Fantastic photo! I appreciate the map link. Checked it out and it provided some explanation about how you managed to capture this shot.

I sometimes see awesome photos and wonder, "How the heck did he/she get into position for such a shot? What, did they stand in the middle of the street, surrounded by orange cones, praying that no one would hit them?"


Posted by Satya on November 9, 2003 at 4:12 PM.
Nice shot of a nice city. Great composition. Fortunate (if unlikely) weather. Thanks.

Posted by Digital Quixote [www] on November 10, 2003 at 8:27 PM.
nice :) I wanted to link a map to mine too, but I couldn't find a decent one :(

Posted by melanie [www] on November 12, 2003 at 1:12 AM.
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